Triathlete and marathoner, Denzil Jacobs, on his Therapy mattress!

“WOW was my first response in the first week of using the mattress. Reason being In the past on any other mattress, post a very hard day of training, I could literally feel the aches and pains and tingles through my muscles at night as the body was fighting to recover. Now on my sports therapy mattress, it’s gone! I’m sound asleep every night, with no aches and pains or training stress keeping me out of sleep. 

Not only has it helped me recover quicker, but it’s allowed me to actually train late nights on certain days and get in that required 2nd or 3rd session of day, and still get to bed and have a sound nights sleep. In the past if I trained late at night, I would be up most of that night.

Thanks to Sports Therapy Mattress, I am able to add in more intensity into my training schedule, and my daily life in general too. My wife is thankful too, because she getting a better nights rest too, because I’m doing less tossing and turning,no need for that craziness at night anymore…!!”

Therapy mattresses are designed for anyone with an active lifestyle from the Sports Professional to the health conscious. In the heart of every Therapy mattress is a cleverly constructed multi zone foam unit, this foam with its individual castellated comfort cells creates air channels which enhances ventilation, airflow and cools the mattress, promoting therapeutic sleep, aiding and refreshing sports pains and aches, alleviating pressure points.

For further information on Therapy collection, please call 01455 841 257 or visit www.therapymattress.co.uk. For sleep and sport related suggestions, follow Sports Therapy Mattress on facebook and twitter (@sportmattress).

Published Date: 31st May 2018
Category: Therapy Mattress News




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