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Sports Therapy Mattress at the January Furniture Show 2016 - NEC Birmingham, 24 – 27 January 2016. Hall 5, stand C45

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Sports therapy Mattress is very proud to be exhibiting at the Second January Furniture Show at the NEC, in Birmingham. It's in the 4th year of its launch, Vogue Beds' Sports Therapy Brand has gone from strength to strength. In the core of each mattress is a castellated multi-zone foam unit with comfort cells that offer support, whilst the Air-Flow technology ensures that the body temperature is regulated throughout the night. As well as the Latex and Blu-Cool mattress ranges doing their work we have introduced a new product call Airstream fibre in to the 'Original' Sports Therapy mattress and this has been further complemented by the Gel feel pad, with Airstream Gel Mattress, these models are getting onto more and more shop floors. With more and more successful sportsman or woman winning something close to you that's sleeping on a Sports Therapy Mattress this is becoming the must have product to have your shop floor, ready for the Major football European championships and Olympics this year.

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Sleep well with Vogue Beds

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A good night’s sleep reaps a multitude of health benefits.  It is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and contributes to a healthy heart, weight and mind.  In fact, lack of sleep can suppress your immune system.*

Sizing up with Sports Therapy

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Many of us dream of a bed big enough to starfish in all night long, while others might need a smaller bed to complement a smaller room.

Sports Therapy mattresses make online début

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The innovative and hugely popular range of Sports Therapy mattresses is now available from Retailers around the UK have already displayed and stocked this range since its launch in 2012 and now customers will be able to buy Sports Therapy mattresses online for the first time. Sports Therapy joins established Vogue Beds Group bedfellows, Vogue and Limelight, on the site.

A good workout is all in the recovery

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Once you’ve put in the hard work to sweat it out in the gym, it’s easy to think that’s your job done. That’s only half the battle, though. Just as important is giving your body chance to recover before the next round.

Rest Your Head on a Sports Therapy Pillow

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You can now experience the therapeutic properties of Sports Therapy mattresses in a whole new way with the Sports Therapy pillow. This clever cooling pillow is the latest addition to the Sports Therapy family and is made with the same unique, individually-castellated comfort cells and 100% hollow fibre polyester.

New President of the National Bed Federation (NBF)

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New President of the National Bed Federation (NBF).

Vogue Beds celebrates silver anniversary

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Bed MOT: Five signs your mattress needs replacing

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When was the last time you bought a new mattress? For many of us, it’s been longer than we can remember. A mattress won’t last forever though, and will need replacing regularly for a good night’s sleep. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that it’s been too long:

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Gain some sleep and lose the pounds with Vogue's Sports Therapy Mattress

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resizedimage600400-pr36212-sleepAs the weather starts to warm up for spring, many of us are looking to lose a few of those stubborn winter pounds and shape up for summer. What we forget is that a successful diet is not just about counting calories!