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Feel energised after sleeping on a Vogue’s Sports Therapy mattress

Being active and having a good sleeping pattern is the perfect combination to help ensure a healthy lifestyle. While you sleep, your brain recharges, your cells repair themselves and your body releases important hormones.

There are four stages of sleep and it is between the third and fourth that the body begins to repair and regenerate itself. Depriving the body of a quality night’s sleep means that the muscles and tissues do not have the chance to recover and rebuild.

Vogue’s Sports Therapy mattresses are specifically designed for anyone with an active lifestyle, from professionals to an amateur sports people.  At the centre of each of the mattresses is a multi-zone foam unit with individual castellated comfort cells which create air channels. These enhance ventilation and airflow while cooling the mattress. This unique combination promotes therapeutic sleep by alleviating pressure points and easing aches and pains.



Published Date: 23rd December 2013
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